E-Trade 100 Commissions Free Promotion

ETrade 100 Commissions Free Promotion

Always on the lookout for great opportunities, we here at Online Banks Blog saw the deal going on at ETrade and had to fill you in.

ETrade 100 is a great scheme for people that are interested in boosting their incomes without doing much of an effort. A new Power ETRADE account with a minimum opening deposit of $1,000 will enable customers to benefit from 100 commission-free offers from the company.

Discount E Trade

ETrade 100 Promotion is applicable on each stock or options trade that is executed within 30 days of opening and funding of the new account. ETrade commission rates payment is done at the start of the trading session and is a uniform $9.99 for stock and options trades.

An additional 75 cents are charged on options trades. This initial payment of commissions will result in the crediting of accounts with the same worth – $9.99 – of stock and trade options. The account needs to be funded within 60 days after its opening.

An execution of 30 to 149 trade options within a quarter is necessary for receiving the credit of $9.99 commissions. For $7.99 commissions, stock or trade options of up to 1,499 should be executed within a quarter.

The promotional commission’s free offer provides an opportunity for those investors that are planning to trade heavily and thus will be able to find greater profits. Ordinary investors might not benefit from this opportunity if they are not planning to trade aggressively. The offer is not valid for non-IRA ETRADE Securities customers and non-U.S. residents. The active trader services team are available for further assistance and trailing stops and contingent orders are also available under this investment option.