E-Trade 100 Commissions Free Promotion

ETrade 100 Commissions Free Promotion

Always on the lookout for great opportunities, we here at Online Banks Blog saw the deal going on at ETrade and had to fill you in.

ETrade 100 is a great scheme for people that are interested in boosting their incomes without doing much of an effort. A new Power ETRADE account with a minimum opening deposit of $1,000 will enable customers to benefit from 100 commission-free offers from the company. Continue reading “E-Trade 100 Commissions Free Promotion”

Must know Financial Concepts

  • Finance could be described as the major category which includes all aspects related to money and its flow. It includes the concepts of creation and study of money, management of money and financial systems.
  • The finance is categorized into 3 major categories – public finance, corporate finance and personal finance.
  • It covers the all concept of money expenditure by government, debts , credit and debit of bonds and bills, etc. The daily cash withdrawal and deposit in banks is a part of public finance. Continue reading “Must know Financial Concepts”

Credit Repair Services To-Do List

If you are interested in cleaning up your credit and raising your scores, you should go for the gusto. Get every single point you can. Leave nothing on the table. Given the complexity of the process you should consider credit repair services as a better option to doing the job yourself.

Building the To-Do List

Credit repair services are dedicated to the task of credit improvement. The best of these companies provide a comprehensive approach to the job. The work entailed should include a complete review of your reports, investigation of the statutes of limitation for any collections reported with balances, thorough FICO score consulting, and the administration of the entire dispute letter process. Continue reading “Credit Repair Services To-Do List”

Bank of England Keeps Rates at Record Low

The Bank of England has kept interest rates at a record low of 0.5%, underlining doubts over the UK’s economic recovery.

Interest rates reached the low back in March 2009 and have remained their ever since, being used as a tool by the then Labour government to encourage spending and ease the economic recovery in the height of the recession, but even several months after Britain officially returned to growth the rate has remained the same.

The decision is evidence that the Bank is unconvinced over the country’s economic stability, with the government currently undergoing a review of public spending.

The decision will mean that those with tracker and variable mortgages are unlikely to see their repayments increase in the short term, although savers will once again earn little on their investments.
Continue reading “Bank of England Keeps Rates at Record Low”

Budget will “hit poor hardest”, study claims

The coalition government’s first budget will hit the poor the hardest, according to a report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).

The IFS claimed that proposed benefit cuts, such as cuts in tax credits, housing benefits and disability allowance, will hit those on lower incomes the hardest, taking a greater proportion of their total income, with the analysis suggesting that the poorest families will be hit to the tune of £422 between the Budget and April 2014.

This means that only the richest 10% of households lost more in cash terms from the Budget, than those in the bottom 60%. Continue reading “Budget will “hit poor hardest”, study claims”